WeedSwiper sivelylaite

WeedSwiper sivelylaite

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Traktorisovitteinen sivelylaite pitkien rikkakasvien hävittämiseen
viljellyn kasvuston päältä (esim kestorikkakasvit ja villijuurikkaat sokerijuurikaalta).

WeedSwiper is an innovative non-drip weed wiper for treating weeds in susceptible crops. Thanks to its unique design, it eliminates the risk of spray dripping, thus protecting the valuable crop or plants below. Highly versatile, WeedSwiper is suitable for use in grassland, arable, marshland, conservation areas and close to waterways. Unique and versatile non-drip weed wiper.

  • Economical use of herbicides thanks to built-in sensor technology 
  • Efficient automatic control of herbicide flow to the pad 
  • Environmentally safe due to its unique non-drip design 
  • Supplied with pad covers for enhanced safety 
  • Can be tractor, quad bike or trailer mounted 
A new generation weed wiper. WeedSwiper is a safe and cost-effective method of eliminating weeds in susceptible crops and grassland. It applies herbicides through direct contact with weeds exploiting the height difference between weeds targets and the plants below. WeedSwiper delivers non-drip brush contact with weed foliage via herbicide moistened pads. WeedSwiper’s sensor control eliminates risk of spray drift and drips.

Safe, efficient and cost-effective. The secret of successful weed management at minimal cost with a wiper is reliable and accurate control of pad wetness. WeedSwiper’s Hydrostat electronic control system regulates the amount of herbicide transferred to weed plants by switching the pump on and off in response to changes in the amount of herbicide in the pad. The pad is continually saturated for maximum effective transfer of herbicide to weed foliage but never over-saturated to cause dripping, irrespective of travel speed or weed density. This prevents herbicide wastage and undesired damage of under-storey plants.

Intelligent pad design. Produced from a strong and tufted ‘state of the art’ material with premium fluid retention properties, the 150mm (6 inch) deep pads provide a three-dimensional reservoir of active ingredient and offer a large herbicide transfer area to ensure each target weed receives a sufficiently high dose of active ingredient on contact with the pad. WeedSwiper’s pad height can be adjusted to suit different terrains and target weed heights. All units are supplied with pad covers to prevent accidental contamination and to safeguard operator safety.

Versatile and durable. WeedSwiper works off a 12 volt power supply and can be tractor, quad bike or trailer mounted. Units have a simple boom end break-back return system and are available in 6, 3 and 2 metre foldable options to enable operation at narrower widths. The two metre unit can also be supplied in a non-folding version

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