Undavina Riviväliruisku

Undavina Riviväliruisku

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Riviväliruisku taimitarhoille, omenan- ja marjanviljelijöille

Incorporating proven CDA (Controlled Droplet Application) technology, the Undavina range of vehicle mounted sprayers offers an economical and
targeted method of weed control.

Targeted weed control for vineyards and orchards.

  • A highly efficient way of controlling weeds around
  • the base of trees and vines the base of trees and vines
  • Enhanced spray accuracy Enhanced spray accuracy
  • Improved chemical efficiency Improved chemical efficiency
  • Minimised spray drift Minimised spray drift
  • The rolling breakaway system protects plants from damage
  • Compatible with most ATVs and tractors Compatible with most ATVs and tractors 

Efficient weed control for vineyards and orchards The Undavina range has been specifically developed for treating weeds in vineyards and orchards. The sprayer features a domeshaped brush design which rolls closely around the base of vines and trees to ensure maximum weed kill. Due to its flexible structure, the sprayer is also ideal for use in young plants where an optional vinyl slip on cover is recommended to protect the sensitive stems from any risk of spray damage. The Undavina CDA units feature a control system which monitors the flow of each individual spray head for maximum performance. The system includes a light indicator to monitor the operation of each CDA atomiser. The Undavina can be supplied in 250mm, 400mm, 600mm and 900mm diameters to suit the row spacing or treatment width required. Optional vinyl covers are available. The units are designed to be operated at speeds in the range of 4 - 10 kph. Enhanced plant protection The freely rotating shielded spray heads ensure precision application and minimise drift, efficiently retaining the spray under the hood thus safeguarding the valuable plants. Plants are further protected by the innovative breakaway system which gently deflects and rolls the shield around the base of plants reducing any risk of mechanical damage.

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