Spraydome riviväliruisku

Spraydome riviväliruisku

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Part of the Enviromist range, the Spraydome shielded sprayers provide an efficient and economical method of weed control in orchards, plantations and general weed control situations. Efficient weed control for a wide range of applications. CDA technology minimises spray drift and maximises chemical uptake maximises chemical uptake 90% less water used compared to conventional nozzle sprayers nozzle sprayers The rolling breakaway system protects plants from damage Can be tractor or ATV mounted Can be tractor or ATV mounted Various diameters available to suit most applications applications

Incorporating either traditional pressure nozzle (HiFlo models) or CDA spray system (CDA models), Spraydome shielded sprayers are ideal for treating weeds in situations where a complete chemical barrier is required. Spraydome's flexible plastic dome fully contains the spray which makes it highly suited for applications where chemical contact with the crop is not desired - for example, in blackcurrants and blueberries.

Thanks to its hard wearing shield material, the sprayer is also highly suited for more demanding spraying tasks such as amenity spraying (fence lines and footpaths) and weed control round the base of mature trees.

Spraydome is fitted with a breakaway system that gently rolls the shield around the sprayed objects protecting them from mechanical and chemical damage.

The CDA models offer significant time and cost savings as spray volumes as low as 20 litres per hectare can be achieved.

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