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Microfit pienannosruisku

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Microfit is a modular spray system which consists of a common Microfit handle and optional interchangeable Herbi, Herbiflex and Herbi Twin spray lances for treating different band widths. The Microfit handle features an electric on/off motor switch and a separate liquid on/off valve for ease of operation.

The Microfit can apply specific CDA formulations or traditional water-based products at total spray volumes of only 10-30 litres/hectare. The consistently large spray droplets of 200-300 micron minimise the risk of spray drift.

Offering a 1.2m wide circular spray pattern, the Microfit Herbi model is used worldwide for band spraying and can treat over 3 kilometres (about 0.4 hectares) in one hour. Uses include general clean-up, border, pathway or strip spraying (e.g. in orchards, forestry and plantations) and spraying of larger areas by making consecutive spray passes. The reduction in mixing and filling operations (with no mixing required with CDA formulations) offers operator safety advantages.

Ideal for narrow band spraying, the Microfit Herbiflex model is available in a choice of two spray heads. The A90 head produces an adjustable 10-50cm band width whereas the B120 head is capable is spraying between 15 and 75cm. An optional spray shield is available with the A90 model for spraying in sensitive crops.

The Microfit Herbi Twin model is ideally suited for treating wider band widths between 1.8 and 2.4 metres.

  • High work rate and economical
  • Minimises spray drift
  • Battery powered with no pumping required
  • LIght and easy to use

Optional extras:

  • Micron backpacks (5 and 10 litre)
  • Shoulder strap
  • Spray shield (A90 version only)
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